Opening Fri May 31, 2024 4PM – 8PM

Angela Robbins

Sat Oct 5 at 10:00am

Welcome Angela Robbins, small acrylic paintings artist, to The Gen Bridge. Beauty, and simplicity are the hallmark of her pear pieces.


About The Vendor

Angela Robbins

Welcome to PEAR PRESSURE. I am an artist and I paint in the Impressionistic Style. I love the shape of a pear, its abundance and longevity, the thin but tough skin, and the sweetness like the female form that has been represented in the art world for centuries!

The colour, texture and simple design led me on my ten plus years of painting pears. My pair paintings originally started as warm up, before moving to the larger paintings. I would get up early and stay up late using my paints and brushes to warm up, I would paint pears! I never left my warm ups and this has led to my more than 250 plus paintings of pears.

You can view my paintings by visiting MY KITCHEN or contact me at or


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